3 Secrets to Unlock the Potential of YouTube Analytic Tools

YouTube Analytic Tools

YouTube encourages you to promote your business by creating video content. It has even introduced a wide array of reporting and analysis tools to help you out. YouTube Analytic suite is among the best suits in online business, and it’s a WMD if put to good use.

To help you get the most out of it, we are giving you a few starter’s tips!

YouTube Analytic Tools

Audience Retention

If you want to learn whether your videos are way too long, or just flat out boring, you need to view a sub-report in views section namely Audience Retention. This informs you about total views and average view time.

The final number tells you how the audience feels about your content. If a video has great views but the number of viewers who see it to the end is lower than 25% than you need to change your content.

Keep Track of Traffic Sources, and Devices

Learn how your viewer find your content? Do they watch the videos via embedded players on desktop or they find it via smartphones? Do they search for such content or got them via suggestions? You can find the answer to these questions in the Traffic Sources, and Device Reports. It provides you a rela insight about effective marketing, and where to shift your focus.

Overview the Data

Overview Dashboard is your Analytic Data’s landing page. It shows a general report of the last month with major trends including the number of comments, subscribers, comments, like and other such important details.

If you dig deep, you will also find vital information about lag, new and upcoming tends that you might miss when it comes to create new content. Overview is one of the most important and powerful element, so don’t let it go to waste.  It helps to point you toward the right direction. To learn more, see this SocialBook.