4 Reasons Why You Should Use .icu

4 Reasons Why You Should Use .icu

At no point in history have cryptocurrencies looked as promising as they do today. And the best part is this future payment model is it’s still in its infancy. How can you make the most out of this expanding blue ocean? Grab your own crypocurrency .icu top-level domain. If you need a little more convincing, then here are four reasons why:

1. It helps customers relate to your business

To the average business owner, a domain is an extension at the end of their website. But to a regular internet user, a domain communicates what services they expect to receive. For example, what comes to mind when you receive an email from an address ending in a .edu suffix? You assume they are a professor or student, right?

4 Reasons Why You Should Use .icu

Bloggers have the .me TLD, big multinationals have .net, and non-profits mostly use the .org extension. It’s only natural that you host your cryptocurrency website with a .icu extension which reflects the established Internet Coin Unit terminology. Make it clear to your customers what industry you’re in and what service you provide.

2. Stand out from the crowd

How can you make your site unique amongst the 1158 other cryptocurrency websites currently hosted on .COM, .lNFO, .NET, and .IO? Well, you can immediately give yourself a competitive edge with a .icu TLD by telling your potential clients what services you offer even before they land on your site. Generic TLDs, though crucial, are often overlooked by business owners. Don’t make the mistake in assuming that what goes before the dot is important, but what comes after it isn’t. With .icu being one of the latest names to launch, there is also ample availability that you won’t find with other extensions.

3. It Builds Trust

46% of internet users say a website is the largest determinant of whether or not they trust a company. Your website is not only vital in communicating your brand and sharing your content, but it is by far the most crucial trust-building tool on the internet today.

A concise domain name is not only easy to remember, but it will help funnel traffic to your site, making it a critical component of building trust and growing your company. .icu gives you an excellent opportunity to make a great first impression with a name they can remember, followed by a website they can trust.

4. Look at your brand’s future

We’re living in an age where data and oil hold equal value- something humanity has never experienced before.  You may have a thriving site for an Internet Coin Unit running on a traditional domain, but how do you ensure that your competitors don’t register your brand name under other TLDs? Secure your .icu, protect your brand by registering your names early, and drive your content through these relevant extensions.

We can only imagine what the future of cryptocurrency will bring to the world economies and we’re here to support innovators as they develop these models and change the pace of our financial systems.

Ready to get started? Click here to see how you can register your .icu domain.