4 Tips to Create T-shirts with Your Company’s Logo!

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Custom shirts are very common in the corporate world. The use of this workshop shirt (เสื้อช๊อป, which is the term in Thai) is important for spreading the name of the company, for standardizing the clothes worn by work teams and for conveying trust and credibility to consumers.

However, to create t-shirts, you have to keep in mind the ideal model – for the employees and the type of activity they perform – as well as choose the best layout of the visual elements and the message that the shirt must convey.

So, we created this post with some tips that will help you create shirts that can spread the image of your company with precision and good taste, without leaving aside the comfort necessary for employees. Check out!

shirt Work

First steps

To create t-shirts that convey the right message to people, you have to be careful when choosing colors. There are studies on the psychology of colors, which preach that they are elements of immediate stimulation.

Stamping resources T-Shirts

In addition to the concern for colors, it is important that the company seeks a unique design for the t-shirts. In this way, the identification of the mark through the observers becomes easier.

In addition to screen and transfer techniques, there are other options for creating t-shirts.

Layout of the elements on the T-Shirt

If the company offers spaces for sponsors on the shirt, be careful! The layout of the elements must be made in a way that does not visually pollute the jersey. It is necessary to prioritize the information contained in the piece, in addition to matching the colors.

Comfort of the employee

In addition to the design of the shirts, it is important that the company is concerned about the quality of the material. These uniforms will be used daily by employees – with the exception of promotional tee shirts – and should offer some comfort to them.