The Cost of Soil Disposal NY and Soil Recycling NY


Soil contamination happens due to human-made chemicals including the waste produced by industrial operations and industrial farming. Some common polluting chemicals include petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, lead, pesticides, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, and heavy metals.

Contaminated soil NY poses many health risks to the people. These health risks include direct contact and contamination of water supplies. Once contaminated, the decontamination of soil can be a very lengthy, time-consuming, and costly process.


Once, soil disposal NY was a simple matter of excavation, hauling and disposing of the contaminated soil. However, this is not the case anymore. Environment concerns have forced the lawmakers to introduce new laws regarding soil disposal NY and soil recycling NY.

Now, there are certain conditions and taxes for soil disposal. Soil disposal can still be a viable option. However, proper soil disposal requires the expertise of a professional soil disposal company. Soil disposal is not a cheap option anymore.

Before disposal, the soil needs to be classified, and a professional soil disposal and recycling company can do it for you. After classification, you need to find a suitable place for soil disposal. In some cases, pre-treatment might be needed before you can dispose of the soil at your selected place.

A wrong decision about soil disposal can be a costly one. As a result of soil disposal and soil treatment laws and regulations, several companies has developed their expertise in these areas. First, these companies classify the soil. Then they find a suitable site to dispose of the soil. These companies have the know-how about the industry and help you save the money by making the right decisions.

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