Crunching the Numbers for Main Street: Andrew Gardon MA Puts Analytical Skills to Work Solving Operational and Financial Challenges for SMBs

Andrew Gordon MA has always had a knack for carefully analyzing complex systems and developing strategic solutions. But a few years ago, he decided to put his analytical skills to use helping small business owners across the country.

Successful Milestone: 200 Clients for Andrew Gordon Massachusetts Analytic

It was a career change that has paid off in a big way. Gordon recently celebrated Gordon Analytic reaching 200 clients, a milestone that few expected when he launched the firm out of his home office just five years ago.

Gordon’s background is in analyzing biotech and pharmaceutical companies. As an analyst, he developed a meticulous process for evaluating businesses in the healthcare sector. He would examine everything from financial statements and clinical trial results to competitors, intellectual property and market size before making investment recommendations.

Passion for Business Research

“I’ve always enjoyed the research aspect of the job and trying to understand all aspects of a business,” Andrew Gordon Chelmsford said. “It’s very satisfying to feel you have a good handle on a company and can make an informed decision.”

But Gordon had also done strategic consulting on the side and found he enjoyed helping smaller firms tackle business challenges just as much as analyzing multi-billion dollar healthcare juggernauts. So in 2014, he made the leap to focus fully on business advisory services for small and mid-sized companies.

Gordon Analytic’s Rigorous Approach

The idea behind Gordon Analytic was to bring the same level of rigor he applied to biotech evaluations and apply it to issues like operations, finance, benefits and strategic planning that many entrepreneurs don’t have the time or expertise to thoroughly address on their own.

Gordon started the firm out of a spare room in his home, operating virtually with no employees. His business model was to offer affordable flat-rate services rather than bill hourly. This made Gordon Analytic accessible even to very small startups.

Local Recognition and Expansion

Word of mouth quickly spread in the local small business community about Gordon’s expertise and reasonable rates. Within a year, he had expanded to lease a small downtown office and hire his first two employees.

Today, Gordon Analytic has grown to a staff of 15 serving clients across the country from its expanded headquarters. Gordon credits the company’s success to focusing intensely on client service and customizing solutions for each unique business.

“We take the time to really understand our clients’ industries, goals and challenges before recommending any actions,” Andrew Gordon of Belmont, MA said. “Many entrepreneurs just need guidance in prioritizing issues and identifying what will give them the biggest impact for their effort.”

Client Success Stories: Efficiency Improvements and Financial Planning

For example, Gordon helped one manufacturing client analyze its operations and identify $150,000 in potential annual savings through efficiency improvements. For a restaurant owner, he set up a 401(k) plan, selected benchmark investments and helped educate staff on retirement savings.

One of Gordon’s most popular offerings has been developing and managing customized health reimbursement arrangements. These plans incentivize employees to be smarter healthcare consumers while lowering business costs. On average, the programs have reduced clients’ annual insurance spending by 5-10%.

Rewards of Watching Small Companies Grow

Gordon says it’s been very rewarding watching small companies grow with the strategic and operational support of Gordon Analytic behind them. The high client retention rate of over 90% also speaks to the value owners find in the ongoing guidance.

As for the future, Gordon plans to keep scaling the business through expanding service areas like IT consulting, marketing and succession planning. Technology will also play a bigger role, with client dashboards to track metrics and video conferencing for remote advisory work.

Unanticipated Entrepreneurship: Gordon’s Career Evolution

Though he never expected to become an entrepreneur, Andrew Gordon Chelmsford is pleased with how his career has evolved from biotech analyst to business strategist for hundreds of small firms across the country. He looks forward to helping many more small businesses optimize their operations and achieve their goals in the years ahead.