Essential Tips For Hookah Smoking On Cold Days

Essential Tips For Hookah Smoking On Cold Days

Here in Canada, we are in somewhat cold temperatures, not that we here in the world of Hookah Toronto are complaining, on the contrary, this season is even better for smoking, so we decided to talk about some essences for smoking in the cold. For you who like that essence a little sweeter, but in the heat you know it doesn’t roll, or for you who don’t know many essences for smoking in the cold.

We have selected some that we already smoke and approve, but it is always good for you to give opinions about fumes so we can taste it too.

Essential Tips For Hookah Smoking On Cold Days

Sweet milk

The first on our short list is Sweet Milk. If caramel is already a great essence for smoking in the cold, imagine it with a striking and incredible flavor. This is what it brings to you in this incredible essence.

Vanilla flavor

The purpose of smoking is to bring one of the best known sweets, which is a vanilla biscuit with hazelnut and a hint of coffee, that is, a warm and cozy smoke in this cold.

Spiced chai

We also have a well-known essence that is Spiced Chai, a smoke well known among Herbal Toronto hookahs and highly recommended as well. Spiced Chai is a traditionally Indian spicy tea. Here, we have is vanilla with complex aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, one of the most amazing fumes ever released.

Zomo coffee

Who doesn’t like good old latte? The essence of Zomo Coffee is the national passion in the form of smoke, bringing an incredible flavor and in winter makes everything cozier.

Secrets of Tiramisu

We can also include beautiful Tiramisu essence in Khalil Mamoon hookah Toronto. It is a relatively new brand in the market that brings secrets and one of them is Tiramisu.

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