How to Take Care of Skin from 20 to 60 Years

How to Take Care of Skin from 20 to 60 Years

To reduce the action of time on our face and body, let’s find out what the ideal treatment for each phase of your life is and how to maintain perfect skin?

How to Take Care of Skin from 20 to 60 Years

At 20

It is at age 20 that hormone production is high which stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce an increased amount of sebum. Because of this, the skin usually has an excess of oiliness in some regions. Try spa facial in Manhattan.

At 30

The age of firm skin begins to show signs of tiredness, literally speaking. This is where they paint shallow lines, dark circles and some spots. Check out cheap spa packages in Manhattan to visit two or three times daily.

At 40

It is at this age that skin tone already shows some sagging. This is because the amount and quality of supporting fibers such as collagen are decreased due to decreased metabolism. Hence they become the deepest wrinkles around the eyes, the forehead and the facial hairs also become a problem. For this, visit the spa for laser hair removal Manhattan.

At 50

It is at this age that menopause and the hormonal fall reflects directly on the skin. That is, our hydration is compromised and the stimulus on the collagen producing cells is diminished.

What to do: You have to weigh in on the most potent formulated daily moisturizers. Vitamin is essential; minerals, such as calcium and oils. Follow your fellow women by offering them spa gift certificates Manhattan.

60 years old

The skin suffers intense dehydration and sagging. Peripheral blood circulation is reduced, which causes toxins to accumulate in the tissues, as well as a decrease in the number of glands essential to keep the skin’s hydration factor up to date.

Bet on organic mineral salts, which are a source of amino acids and trace elements important for regulating cellular activity.