Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Muscular System


The muscular system is a collection of muscles allowing the movement of body to maintain posture and circulate blood throughout the body. It consists of smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscles designed to perform specific actions.


Skeletal muscles are responsible for the movement of body, legs and arms while the smooth muscles are involuntary and found in internal organs such as intestine, stomach, blood vessels and bladder. Cardiac muscles help keep the heart working. Today, we are up with a post covering some interesting facts about the muscular system that are worth knowing.

Muscles are 40% of our total body weight

Muscles are the thickest material in our body and weigh more than fat. It has been seen with people doing intensive workout lose weight due to fat burning and then start gaining weight due to muscle strengthening and buildup.

The smallest muscles are in your ear


Both smallest bones and muscles are found in our ear. The Stapedius and the tensor tympani are the muscles holding our ear together.

Around 200 muscles work to help you take one step

That’s biggie, isn’t it? A common person takes around 10,000 steps each day with the involvement of 200 muscles. So, take better care of your muscles helping keep your body moving.

Your tongue has the strongest muscle

Many would think I must be given wrong info. But, it’s true that your tongue has the most-worked  and strongest muscle that doesn’t get tired throughout the day. It’s not that you can lift heavy weights through your tongue.


 It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile

Those who are frugal in using muscles should prefer smile over frown as it involves less muscles.

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