Make Your Bridesmaids Boho Beauties With Easy Steps

Bridesmaids Boho Beauties

If you’re a bride in the modern age, you know that there are hundreds of wedding trends and themes out there to choose from for your upcoming day – glam, chic, seasonal. The options are never-ending. As a bride in 2019, though, you know there’s nothing more popular than the boho bridal party look.

Boho chic has made its way into the heats of brides everywhere (and all over the bridal party runways). It’s characterized by a casual, vibrant, fresh, and floral take on decorations, outfits, décor, foods, and more. For your bridal party, though, you should anticipate key features like fun mixes of colors, textures, patterns, and more!

More than anything, though, your boho bridal party look is going to begin and end with the dress – and at JJ’s House, we have tons of options for picking the perfect boho chic dresses for your lovely ladies! Check out our tips and tricks for giving your bridal party a total boho makeover.

Bridesmaids Boho Beauties

Pick the Right Dress

This is the most important part of crafting the ultimate boho look for your bridal party. The bridesmaid dresses can make or break the boho look, so you want to make sure you’re doing this part right. JJ’s House has vibrant dresses, fun patterns, and gorgeous textures to ensure that your bridesmaids are boho-ed out. From desert dusty rose bridesmaid dresses to fun florals, JJ’s House has it all! There’s always a size for every lovely lady in your bridal party – JJ’s House even offers custom fits to guarantee that everyone can wear the dress of their dreams!

Do Your Research

This is a hugely important – the more accurate you want your boho look to be, the more research you need to do. Don’t ignore this important step! Make sure you’re scouring your Pinterest pages, looking up Instagram inspo, and consulting the major magazines for tips and tricks on bridal party looks, hair, makeup, and more! The most important factor you need to include in this research? JJ’s House! Take your time combing through the thousands of boho bridesmaids dresses on the site to ensure you’re finding the ideal dress that fits your wedding party dreams!

Don’t Forget the Hair and Makeup

Although the bridesmaids’ dresses are going to be the most important piece of the boho bridal party puzzle, that doesn’t mean you can ignore two other vital components – hair and makeup! Boho, boho chic, and other boho styles all can be distinguished based off the dress, the hair, and the makeup! Remember those Pinterest boards you were pouring over? Make sure you’re looking up all the hair and makeup, too! You’d be surprised what the right palette and a few well-plaited braids can do for a boho look! Remember, you want to make sure your bridal party looks as boho-chic as possible, so employ all the big, boho guns like flower crowns, dusty makeup schemes, and of course, the perfect, boho dress to ensure that your lovely ladies are looking as boho as possible.