What Does Lily Flowers Look Like?

Grand Cru lily

The presence of lilies in our environment always provides many benefits perceived today. They give a comfortable and pleasant feeling because of the various striking shapes, attractive colors, and sweet fragrance.

Lilies are so in demand that many gardeners and florists are interested in cultivating them and making them as floral arrangements and ornamental plants. Due to the wide variety of them, sometimes we can only recognize the lilies based on colors. For example, there are many yellow lilies in the world, but we cannot differentiate them from each other. We have sorted and listed some attractive yellow lilies that will make you fall in love with them.

  • Connecticut King lily

Connecticut King lily

Connecticut King is renowned for its large plant that can reach 90-120 cm tall with the flower size of 76 mm to 150 mm. This flower is a member of the Asiatic (I) group. They are native to Europe, North America, and Asia south to the Philippines

This Asiatic blossom has a star-shaped buttercup yellow bloom with golden yellow anthers. This flower can grow well in a container.

  • Citronella lily

Citronella lily

Citronella lily is a striking Asiatic bloom with golden-yellow blooms and downward-facing spotted recurved petals. It can grow to 90-150 cm and produce 20 blooms on each stem. In addition, it is attractive to hummingbirds.

This perennial flower will bloom in midsummer. To give an attractive impression in your environment, this flower is suitable to be planted in a container.

  • Grand Cru lily

Grand Cru lily

Grand Cru lily is a sunshiny perennial plant with leafy stems bearing upward-facing blooms and deep red markings on some parts of the flower petals. It is a member of the Asiatic (I) group.

Due to easy-to-grow, this blossom can grow well in mid-summer. They can make good border plants and cutting gardens. In addition, Lilium ‘Grand Cru’ is also suitable for cut flowers, such as a lily bouquet.  

  • King Pete lily

King Pete lily

King Pete lily is a fascinating bloom with stunning upward-facing blossom with broad and lemon yellow petals grading with darker yellow marking and chocolate spots. One of these Asiatic lilies can grow up to 80 cm tall.

It is considered one of the few outward-facing varieties in this group. They are perfect as cut flowers because they can live longer. In addition, these are good to plant in flower beds, borders, patios, and containers.

  • Canada lily

Canada lily

Lilium canadense is a perennial wildflower with a single tall green stem with prominent lance-shaped recurved leaves. Since Canada lilies are a member of the American (IV) group, they are native to eastern North America. They can grow to 0.5-1.5 m in summer.

These bell-shaped blossoms are cultivated for garden plants and floral arrangements.

  • Golden Splendor lily

Golden Splendor lily

Golden Splendor is renowned for receiving the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 2002 for its noteworthy. The outward-facing trumpet-shaped blooms are also known for their pleasant fragrance. It can grow up to 120 cm and produce 12-20 blossoms per stem.

This flower is a member of the Trumpet (VI) group. This plant can be harvested in mid-summer and cultivated for an excellent border plant and fresh-cut blossoms.

  • Belladonna Orienpet lily

Belladonna Orienpet lily

Belladonna is a cheerful Orienpet blossom bearing bowl-shaped flowers with recurved petals. These perennial plants have colorful varieties, one of which is bright yellow. It can reach 120 cm tall. In addition, they have a delightful fragrant scent.

This is included in the Other (VIII) group. It is considered an easy-to-grow garden plant. Thus, it is adored by gardeners.

  • Deliana lily

Deliana lily

One of the other cross hybrid lilies is the Deliana lily. It has trumpet-shaped petals with green spots. Moreover, its dark green leaves give a wonderful contrast to the stunning flowers. This plant can grow up to 16-18 cm.

This is a cross between the Lilium longiflorum and the Oriental variety. Hence, it is in the Other (VIII) group. They are suitable for garden plants.

  • Leichtlins’ lily

Leichtlins’ lily

Leichtlins’ lily is downward-facing flowers with chocolates remarkable freckles on the petals and slender stems. They can grow up to 90-120 cm in summer and produce 20 blooms per stem. 

Lilium Leichtlinii is a member of Species (IX) group. They are native to Japan. Although it is not a fragrance, gardeners prefer its blossom due to its attractive looks. In addition, they are cultivated for garden plants and cut flowers.

  • Yelloween lily

Yelloween lily

It is a flower crossed between an Oriental hybrid and a Trumpet hybrid. This flower has the uniqueness of its trumpet-shaped flowers with a distinctive aroma of Oriental hybrids. They are included in the Other (XIII) group. 

These perennial plants can increase in size every year and produce more than a dozen blooms in each stem. This flower is also often referred to as the tree lily because of its tall stem stature. They are often cultivated as excellent cut flowers.

Based on this list of yellow lilies, have you been able to identify several types of them now? In addition, if you are interested in seeing some flower arrangements that use yellow lilies, you can visit and order them via flower delivery Singapore. Don’t miss it!