Cookie Jam Review: 2 Tips to Win Every Level


Cookie Jam is a puzzle game that feels more like a child of Candy Crush. This game takes its elements from several online popular games, even including Farm Heroes. Well, whatever the end product is, it’s well-received with the audience.

In this game, the players have to fill different orders with collection of different cookies and candies. All this while they overcome the obstacles in their way!

This game is not hard to start with, you just need to take your time to understand it. If you are just starting to play Cookie Jam, you may need the following life savers!


Free lives

If you played Candy Crush, then you must be familiar with the concept here. If you are short on lives, you can change your clock and every half an hour, you will get one life. So you will need to change the settings very carefully. Once you got your hands on the extra lives, you have to set the time right again.

You can also get free lives in Cookie Jam if you invite your friends and trade the cookies with each other. This is not the most ideal way as you will lose the special cookies you may have a use in future. Special cookies help you to attain a higher score.

Special Power-ups

Right after you start the game, you will focus on the cookies you will need to fill the orders. This is all on your mind and this is not the best way to start with. You need to think through your every move in Cookie Jam if you want to survive for long.  You need to carefully use them if you want to complete each stage with the highest score possible. So don’t rush and take extra precaution with your each move.