Things You Should Do to Control Pimples


You might have seen many people avoiding social interaction with others. The reason could be anything like shyness, lack of confidence or pimples. Yes, a person with pimples avoids meeting with others because he or she thinks it is a big shame. Obviously, no one would want to have this unfortunate skin problem. But the good news is that there’re some ways that might help anyone get rid of these ugly pimples.


Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is what you can do to control pimples naturally. If you drink lots of water throughout the day, the chances are that you may not have any skin problem. Drinking water doesn’t only reduce pimples but also keeps your body hydrated, which is good for overall health. Many people are confused with quantity of water, the 5 to 8 glasses of water are sufficient. It helps remove harmful toxins from your body, stopping them form growing up. Furthermore, water also helps improve skin’s metabolism. So, get into the habit of drinking water, it will surely do wonders for you.

Avoid Sun

The more you expose your skin to sun rays, the more it will get worse. The UV rays aren’t good for skin and if you have pimples, you should avoid it as much as you can. It provokes pimples to go bigger, making it more complex. You could protect your skin by wearing a hat or applying a protective sunscreen with SPF.  You should be careful while choosing any sunscreen as it shouldn’t be oily at all. So, always go with products that match your skin.

Don’t Touch Your Face

When you touch your face, you’re actually giving straight access to harmful bacteria to ruin your skin and that could lead to many skin problems. So, avoid touching your face as it does nothing but inflame and irritate your pimples.