Cheap Hookahs, Which is the Best?

Cheap Hookahs, Which is the Best

The online Hookah Calgary market is constantly growing and with it has come up with several innovations. One is polypropylene hookah, or as they are more commonly known, plastic hookahs. Usually the stem is composed, in most cases, of polypropylene and with a design very similar to the famous machined hookah.

But what would polypropylene be? According to Wikipedia polypropylene is a type of plastic that can be molded using only heating, i.e. it is a thermoplastic.

Cheap Hookahs, Which is the Best

We decided to do a test with the three main plastic models of Khalil Mamoon Hookah Calgary in the market, being: Egyptian, Blank and Black Hookah. Below we will mention the characteristic of each one and soon we will cite the positive and negative points of each of them, that is, smoking. Buy Hookah Online Calgary according to their characteristics.

Egyptian: This stem has the majority of its body made in polypropylene with the aluminum down stem, but it only goes to the heart exit, not covering the entire body of the stem, has no diffuser. Its model has several colors and some are metallic paints. Its price is accessible by turning around: 50.

Blank: Blank is a stem made entirely in polypropylene, having both the body and the plastic down stem all comes loose and is attached to the heart before smoking, also has a diffuser adapted in it. Its price is, in average: $45.

Black: It has its stem also made of polypropylene, but appears to be tougher than the others. Its differential is in its down stem, composed of aluminum that goes from the entrance of the Rosh to the end of the down stem, not containing diffuser in it, the down stem still counts with two markings for the level of water in the vessel. Its price is $45.

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