How to reset a genie garage door opener


It is no surprise that Genie garage door openers are so popular since they are so easy to use and convenient. Resetting them can sometimes solve some issues. How to reset a Genie garage door opener?

You will learn just that in this article. Be sure to stick around!


Reset the Genie garage door opener!

If the Genie garage door opener is reset, all saved settings from all programmed remote controls will be erased. Please follow the steps below to erase all remote controls that have been programmed.

Step 1

  • A square button is located on the motor unit of the garage door opener that is used to program it or set it.

Step 2

  • For approximately 10 seconds, hold down the Program or Learn button. It is cleared of all programmed remote controls from the opener’s memory.

Step 3

  • If the remote control has been reset successfully, press the button on the remote control to confirm it. Leaving the garage door open is not a good idea. Remote controls for the opener can now be reprogrammed.

However, one thing that most people struggle with is finding the “learn” button on the genie remote. How do you find it?

What is the location of the learn button on a Genie garage door opener?

Located to the left of the wire terminals on the back of a Genie garage door opener is the Learn button. It is usually a small square or round button with the words “LEARN CODE” or “PRGM/SET” written on it.

So you now understand how to reset the genie garage door opener.

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