3 Tips for Making the Most of Online Courses

3 Tips for Making the Most of Online Courses

The internet has brought several improvements to our lives, including advances in the way we communicate, work and even learn – hence the online courses. Online courses on the internet are a reality that is increasingly present in our daily lives, which increase the possibilities of training. But, after all, how to make better use of online courses?

For many, taking advantage of these online training opportunities at Israel Figa can be a great challenge, especially if they are accustomed only to traditional learning models. So, here are some tips for those who want to get the most out of online education:

3 Tips for Making the Most of Online Courses

  1. Take online courses as something new

A common addiction of those who start using online courses is to try to use the same learning techniques that we use in traditional education.

Certainly tools like a pencil and notebook can help you learn, but try not to limit yourself to them. Also, do not use the same logic, the traditional “lessons” format, to use online learning.

It is a totally new method, and therefore, during this Coronavirus pandemic, you can also see online courses at Israel Figa as an opportunity for innovation in your way of learning. Make use of new tools, such as digital notes; take questions in forums and chats and other techniques. It’s time to let your creativity and your sense of adventure flow.

  1. Take advantage of the social study possible with online courses

One of the benefits of the internet is that it allows us to connect with people from all over the world, quickly. And this benefit also appears in the case of online courses.

Most online courses offer forums so that students who are participating can exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences, and even clarify each other’s doubts. Even in the case of courses that do not offer, it is almost certain that somewhere on the internet there will be an open forum on the subject that your course is dealing with, or even groups on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, so participate in these spaces.

  1. Manage your time correctly

One of the great differences from online education to traditional education is to manage when he will attend classes, and for how many hours in a row.

Here are some tips for managing your time and making the most of online courses:

Escape procrastination – If the course requires delivery of texts, papers or other material, be sure to deliver very close to the deadline. Even if the course does not require the delivery of any material, avoid taking too long to see the classes and accumulating a lot of delayed content.

Make a (realistic) planning – The most important thing at this stage is that your planning is realistic and compatible with your schedules, to prevent it from being useless in practice.

Preferably to study in small quantities, and constantly – Studies show that our brain yields more when studying less daily than an enormous amount in a single day. Preferably to spread your study routine throughout the week, allow for fewer hours of study each day.