How to Have a Medical Insurance in Dubai As an Expat

How to Have a Medical Insurance in Dubai As an Expat

Living anywhere in the world, health should be your most priority. Some people don’t take care of themselves, and they must change their habit as if you aren’t healthy you can’t work or enjoy your life either. Dubai has a great medical support system for residents and visitors, as an expat, you must have medical insurance to be sure about your health reasons. The hospitals in Dubai are amazing and close in reach from almost every area, especially, from areas like Port De La Mer Dubai and Downtown City, you can easily approach any hospital within minutes.

How to Have a Medical Insurance in Dubai As an Expat


There are two types of insurance in Dubai, a government-issued health card and a private insurance health care, you can carry both the cards if you want but you should check the coverage of each card and then decide whether you want to use the government card or the private one. The private health insurance card is mostly provided by the employer, so you must check out its coverage.

It was made necessary from the year 2014 for all the expats to have at least a minimum level of medical insurance. The employer should pay the cost of these insurance policies, and there is another policy of 20% co-payment method, where the insured individual has to pay the 20% of the treatment.

The premium coverage for the basic government-issued health insurance can be AED 500 to AED 700 per year to provide the coverage for the treatment of around AED 150,000 per year. This is a basic coverage making it sure to provide basic health facilities to all the people of Dubai, including the emergency treatments.


The employee must back up his family members with the insurance policy, it means that whether the employer has to provide medical insurance to all the family members of the sponsored employee, which is quite normal, or whether the employee should purchase an additional insurance policy for their families.

Some employers rapidly ensure their families with the policies, but others do not. They will face the other charges of the hospital in case of any emergency.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) provides the health insurance card, which is required in many hospitals of Dubai like Dubai Hospital, Rashid hospital, and all the other government hospitals. If you want to apply for the health insurance card, then you should visit the DHA health centre with some of these documents.

  • ID of Emirates
  • A copy of the residential visa
  • A copy of passport
  • Visa application
  • Two or more passport photos
  • A registration form for application of a health card

If you have your visa under process in Dubai, then you should provide two screening tests of tuberculosis and HIV, nowadays a Covid-19 test is compulsory.


In most of the cases, many employers provide the health insurance for their employees, but if you are not satisfied with the coverage provided by that insurance, you can upgrade to the premium one to have a wider network of clinics and the hospitals.

These upgraded coverage options don’t need a co-insurance (which is a 20% deduction from your account of the treatment).

If you are choosing for private medical insurance then you can get the help from brokers, as they help you select a different variety of insurance like personal, family, or any plan that suits you. There are different private insurers like Cigna, Oman Insurance, Daman, and Metlife.


While getting your insurance policy, you can include some extra services that may include LASIK surgery, cosmetic treatments, psychiatric treatments, infertility treatment, and chiropractic treatments. You will also be provided with the English speaking call centres available 24/7 a day.

Health should always be your priority, living in any country, you must look for their health insurance policies for you and your family. There are several options in Dubai for health insurance like to get an insurance card from DHA or private insurance with different plans. People living in villas of Dubai like District One Villas Dubai and Dubai creek villas have instant access to hospitals, as the distance is not that far away from there. Well, almost everyone in Dubai is not that far from hospitals, so you must get insurance if you are living in Dubai.